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Use These Content Marketing Methods to Elevate Your Business to the Next Level

Most businesses today are engaging in some form of content marketing. Studies show that businesses that can produce a majority of their leads through online channels will grow quicker and are more profitable than those that relied more heavily on traditional marketing campaigns for generating leads. Today I wanted to share a few content marketing methods that you, an amazing business owner and entrepreneur, can incorporate into your overall marketing strategy to increase growth and profits.

1. Your Website

Your business website is one of the most valuable content marketing tools in your arsenal. With a little attention, it can become your most powerful tool for generating leads. Your site can be used to leverage both blogging and search engine optimization to increase traffic to your site. Your company website should include static web page content, stock educational content, and flow educational content to gain the highest return on investment.

2. Social Media

A natural extension of content marketing are the numerous social media platforms that have become popular. They work as content marketing tools in a couple of ways. First, your content can be posted directly to the platforms in the form of tweets, status updates, and dialog with other users. Secondly, you can use them to introduce different pieces of content that link back to blog posts, whitepapers, and other content on your site.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technique that involves cultivating a targeted list of contacts and sending them emails periodically that contain educational content and offers. You are offering your prospective customers information that will help them, making them more eager to do business with you down the road.

4. Web Analytics

Web analytics tools comprise the unseen data behind your content marketing efforts. They allow you to monitor the activity on your website such as how many visitors, downloads, and where the traffic originated from. You should use these tools to measure the success of your content marketing campaigns.

5. Stock Content

Stock content refers to the educational resources that you make available on your website for potential and current customers to download. Stock content includes white papers, guides, ebooks, research studies, and books. They help to enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

Long Story Short…

When you first begin your content marketing campaign, it is essential that you don't rely on a single tool, but rather leverage multiple content marketing tools.

By leveraging these five methods, you can turn your online presence into a lead generating machine, helping to grow your business into a high-profit business.

If you are new to content marketing or are looking for ways to improve your content marketing methods, then you my dear entrepreneur friend, have come to the right place. I want your business to be seen in front of your audience and for you to increase your monthly revenue.

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Cheers to new leads all Summer 2022!


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