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From Employee to CEO Mindset Bootcamp

This free 5-day training is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to ditch the 9 to 5 mentality and tap into their CEO mindset. If you've been running your business like an employee and operating out of fear but are ready to step into your CEO role with more confidence, this bootcamp is for YOU.

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Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn over the next five days:


Day 1: Stop Thinking Like an Employee & Make Your CEO Mindset Priority #1

Learn how to shift your mindset from an employee to a CEO and make it a priority in your life


Day 2: Get Real About What’s Stopping You From Being a Vision-Driven Boss

Discover the roadblocks that are holding you back and learn how to overcome them to become a vision-driven boss.


Day 3: Define and Refine the Fears Stunting Your Growth (So You Can Start Crushing Your Goals!)

Identify and refine the fears that are holding you back and learn how to overcome them to achieve your goals.


Day 4: Tackle And Break Down Your Fears Boldly for the Biggest Payoff

Learn how to break down your fears and take bold action to achieve your goals.


Day 5: Surround Yourself with Other Supportive CEOs

Learn how to surround yourself with other supportive CEOs and build a network of like-minded individuals to support you on your journey.

Meet Nik

CEO of Luxury Virtual Solutions LLC

Content Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur Coach, & Author

Hi, I'm Nikita aka Nik. I help Entrepreneurs who are ready to fully operate in their purpose, make money doing what they LOVE, generate more leads online, and take the CEO position in their business to reach a new level of SUCCESS.


I will show you how you can do this without feeling like working a 9 to 5 is the only way to make a high salary income, feeling overwhelmed & burned out, and eliminating those feelings of being stuck doing something you really don't enjoy. 

My journey to building a successful business started just by ditching the 9 to 5 mentality and adopting a CEO mindset. Then applying the tools and strategies on running my business like a CEO really kicked off my business and entrepreneur success. Through my products, services and coaching programs, I have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs (and counting) do the same. 




Each day, you'll dive into a different topic that will help you shift your mindset, identify and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back and define the fears that are stunting your growth. All you have to do is press play! The video will be waiting for you in your email. Tune in from the comfort of your home, laptop, tablet, pc, or cellphone.


You will receive daily action tasks that is designed to help you put the lessons from the trainings into practice. These tasks are an essential part of the bootcamp, as they will help you take immediate action and make progress towards your goals, so you can start seeing REAL results. Execution and implementation is KEY to success. 

Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a successful CEO!


This program includes instant access to the replays of our From Employee to CEO Mindset Bootcamp. This 5 day training has been a life changing start to hundreds of online Entrepreneurs who are ready to really start running their business like the CEO they were born to be. And now it's time for you to experience the same. 

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